Global networking solutions giant Cisco has grown at a breathtaking pace since its founding in 1984, spurred on by an aggressive acquisition strategy. Of its almost 150 acquisitions, nearly 50 have occurred since 2007 and several have become $1 billion business units (BUs). 

While Cisco is widely known and respected for its best practices in integrating acquisitions, the process is not as easy as it looks. Each acquisition presents a fresh challenge to assess operating models and merge them with Cisco’s own.

Download this case study Leveraging Business Architecture For Corporate Agility Cisco Aligns Corporation For Growth With Troux to find out how Cisco is dealing with this challenge.

“Because of the speed at which we were moving, the complexity grew exponentially,” explains Russ Conway, Cisco’s Director of Business Architecture.“There’s a massive amount of raw simplification that needs to occur in our systems, processes, organizations and operating models.”
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